2019 Health + Wellness Design Awards

Our 2019 Health + Wellness Design Awards™ showcase takes the big picture: traditional medicine and healthcare, healthy lifestyles and nutrition, and community and public health challenges. This year’s competition recorded nearly 2,400 entries — a record — and displays 150 winning pieces — another record. As you will see, the winners represent ad agencies, design firms, Inhousers, and freelancers doing outstanding work on behalf of innovative companies, institutions and brands at the center of the national economy and conversation.

Health + Wellness Design Awards Gallery

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Health + Wellness Design Awards Winners

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AARP Media
Access TCA
Acorda Therapeutics - ICOR@Acorda
Aegis Dental Network
Alight Solutions
Andon Guenther Design, LLC
Baker Creative
Barnett Design, Inc.
Best Version Media
Bolder & Co. Creative Studios
Bonavita Design LLC
Branding For The People
Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
Christiansen Creative
Ciampa Creative
Clever Creative
COE Design
Creative CME
cfk creative
Design Tree Studios
DISC (An Oliver Company)
Donna Huff Design
Electronic Caregiver
Eleven Inc.
Ellen Bruss Design
Evolutions by Design
FAI Design Group
FUEL Marketing
Garrison Hughes, Inc.
Gladiator Consulting LLC
Hsiao-Han Chen
Hudson Valley Graphic Design
hgDesign NYC
ICON Creative Agency
Ingenuity Marketing
Initial Here Creative Services
Jennifer Cogan Design
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern Univer
Keenan-Nagle Advertising


Leibowitz Branding & Design
Lipari Foods
Lisa Cain Design
Little Big Brands
MICA Center For Social Design
MicroAire Surgical Instruments
MiDESign and Marketing Consultancy
Millward and Millward, LLC
Miskowski Design LLC
MJR Creative Group
MU Health Care Creative Services
Nancy Reed Design
NJ Designs
North Dakota State University/Publication Services
Odonnell Company
Palladian Partners
Pareto Intelligence
PRESENT e-Learning Systems
Prime Studio (Structural Design) and Mythology (Visual Design)
QJS Design
QNY Creative
Ronald Kalstein/RKDK Design
RTI International
Sizewise Marketing & Manufacturing
Smith Design
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Media Production Services
Stanford Health Care
Stephen Gould // Pittsburgh Design Center
Stony Brook Medicine
Test Monki
The Biondo Group
The Cooper Institute
The JVP Group
The Kitchen Collaborative
The Word & Brown Companies
Topco Associates Creative Services
Warkulwiz Design Associates
Werremeyer Creative
Woz Design
Woz Design / Hartford Design / Ted Stoik
Woz Design / Ted Stoik
Wright Medical Group N.V.