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2016 American Inhouse Design Awards Winner

MasterBrand Cabinets

Decidely Modern Brochure
Client: Diamond Cabinetry   Title: Decidely Modern Brochure   Designer: Stephanie Flowers

Full Line Brochure
Client: Omega Cabinetry   Title: Full Line Brochure   Designer: Heather Laake

Product Information Brochure
Client: Homecrest Cabinetry   Title: Product Information Brochure   Art Director: Lisa Zebrun   Designer: Kandice Hoffman

Product Launch 2015
Client: Diamond Vibe   Title: Product Launch 2015   Designer: Erica Schmitt

Style and Finish Guide
Client: Urbana Cabinet Co.   Title: Style and Finish Guide   Art Director: Julie Thompson   Designer: Andy Harmon