2018 American Inhouse Design Awards

Red Hat

Red Hat Portfolio Awareness Campaign

Title: Portfolio Awareness Campaign  
Art Director: Nick Burns  Designers: Liz Wetzel, Jenna Slawson  Creative Strategists: Jacques Oury, Caitlin Goodwin  Motion Designers: Laura Walters, Drew Carrow  Copywriters: Jimmy Ryals, Matt Morain


Red Hat Command Line Heroes Branding

Title: Command Line Heroes Branding  
Art Director: Nick Burns  Content Director: Laura Hamlyn  Associate Content Director: Brent Simoneaux  Content Lead: Casey Stegman  Content Strategist: Dan Courcy  Creative Strategists: Justin Braun, Jacques Oury  Account Manager/ Producer: Victoria Lawton  Web/UX Designer: Aaron Williamson  Executive Producers: Steve Pratt, Chris Boyce  Writer: Michael Harris  Audience Development: Dan Misener  Host: Saron Yitbarek


Red Hat Open Source Stories - Because We Had To

Title: Open Source Stories - Because We Had To  
Art Director: Liz Wetzel  Designers: Wes Leonard, Aaron Williamson, Karen Crowson, Stephanie Whedbee, Russ McMullin  Writer: Dawn Quinn  Editors: Jimmy Ryals, Brent Simoneaux


Red Hat Start Something Video

Title: Start Something Video  
Illustrators: Nick Burns, Tyler Jackson, Wes Leonard  Direction: Mike Esser  Production: Rachel Rooney  Copy Editing: Casey Stegman  Animation: Eric Kramer  Music & Sound: Roger Lima


Red Hat Open Source Stories - Road To AI Poster

Title: Open Source Stories - Road To AI Poster  
Art Directors: Liz Wetzel, Brett Abramsky  Designer: Boo Boo Howse



Innovative Card Packaging from Burgopak