2018 American Inhouse Design Awards

Physicians Mutual

Physicians Mutual Preneed Holiday Magazine Advertisement

Client: Preneed Division  Title: Preneed Holiday Magazine Advertisement  
Art Director: Amy Johnson  Designer: Lindsey Mueller  Copy Director: Nena Brabec  Copywriter: Dorothy O'Leary


Physicians Mutual 2018 Agency Convention Program

Client: Agency Division  Title: 2018 Agency Convention Program  
Creative Director: Ronda Scripter  Art Director: Amy Johnson  Designer: Julie Renaud  Copy Director: Nena Brabec  Copywriter: Val Green


Physicians Mutual Wellness Wins Giveaway and Tuesday Tips

Client: Corporate Communications  Title: Wellness Wins Giveaway and Tuesday Tips  
Art Director and Designer: Amy Johnson  Copywriter: Nena Brabec  Project Manager: Kim Holzapfel



Innovative Card Packaging from Burgopak