2018 American Graphic Design Awards

ArtHouse Design

ArtHouse Design 1515 Flats

Client: 063 Design  Title: 1515 Flats  
Art Directors: Marty Gregg, Beth Rosa  Designer: Anais Mares  Illustrator: Anais Mares  Photographer: Anais Mares  Architects: Bruce Ivins Bradley Buell  Fabricator: DaVinci Signs


ArtHouse Design Ent Center for the Arts

Client: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  Title: Ent Center for the Arts  
Art Directors: Marty Gregg, Zach Kotel  Designers: Zach Kotel, Evan Bethel, Megan Charles  Photographer: Zach Kotel  Architect: Semple Brown  Fabricator: AdLight Group