2018 American Graphic Design Awards

Sterling Brands

Sterling Brands PlantFusion Packaging

Client: Reliance Vitamin Company  Title: PlantFusion Packaging  
Creative Director: Butler Looney  Design Director: Melissa Maureze  Senior Designer: Dylan Schepers  Senior Retoucher: Dan Ross  Executive Director Creative Strategy: Brody Hartman  Senior Director Creative Strategy: Louise Cronin  Brand Manager: Chris Young  VP of Marketing: Melissa Feldman


Sterling Brands Revvl 2 Packaging

Client: T-Mobile  Title: Revvl 2 Packaging  
Creative Director: Jay Cabalquinto  Design Director: Barkha Wadia  Senior Designers: Dylan Schepers, Kate El-Bizri  Client Services Director: Neridah Leembruggen  Creative Merchandising Manager (T-Mobile): Mary Sue Cummings  Senior Manager, Creative Development Merchandising (T-Mobile): Sheila Hanson


Sterling Brands Spoonful One Packaging

Client: Before Brands  Title: Spoonful One Packaging  
Creative Director: Andrew Otto  Design Director: Lia Gordon  Senior Designers: Kate El-Bizri, Dylan Schepers  Structural Designer: Brett McIntyre  Executive Director Creative Strategy: Brody Hartman  Chief Innovation Officer (Before Brands): Chris Cornyn  Head of Product Development: Amy Klein  Head of Consumer Marketing: Melissa Oliveira


Sterling Brands Sweet Habit Packaging

Client: Foundry Foods  Title: Sweet Habit Packaging  
Creative Director: Butler Looney  Design Director: Lia Gordon  Senior Designer: Kate El-Bizri  Executive Director Creative Strategy: Georgia Thunes  Client Services Manager: Tina Shields  Marketing Associate (Foundry Foods): Christina Chan